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Flood Water Removal

Flood water removal service, command steemers

Our company provides Flood Water Removal in that can result from a broken sump pump, leaking pipes, toilet mal function or flooded basement due to a heavy rain downpour. We also provide mold and mildew removal. 


Mold growth is unpleasant, especially on carpet or upholstery that has been wet for a long period of time! We provide flood water extraction, disinfecting, mold and mildew removal to prevent you and your family from being in an unhealthy environment. Mold growth in your carpet or upholstery can be harmful to your health and for pets. Mold growth doesn't require a lot of moisture to begin growing.  Customers with respiratory conditions such as; asthma can get easily be affected by mold spores and in some cases mold can even cause an asthma attack. Hiring a us to remove moisture is recommended. Our staff is trained to identify flooding situations and prevent mold from growing in your carpet or upholstery. 

3 Types of contaminated water due to floods

  • Category 1: Low risk of contamination. This type of category would include broken water lines, sink overflow, and melting snow or ice.

  • Category 2: Contamination phase of a water emergency. This category can cause sickness if the business owner or customers come into contact with the water source. This could result in a toilet overflow or water heater drain pan overflow.

  • Category 3: Severely contaminated' water phase. This was can be extremely dangerous and toxic to both humans and animals. This phase can result from sewage, flooding from rainwater or seawater, rising waters from rivers or streams, and weather-related water issues such as hurricanes or tropical storms.


Mold Growth


Water that isn't extracted immediately from flooded carpets can cause mold growth and create a unhealthy environment.  It doesn't require a lot of moisture for mold growth to begin in your carpets.  Long term exposure to mold growth is harmful to humans and pets.  People who suffer from respiratory conditions such as; asthma can cause asthma attacks from mold spores exposure.  Hiring our professional carpet cleaners to remove moisture and disinfect your flooded carpet is recommended.  Our goals is to assured that your family and pets can breath easily in a safe environment.

Dehumidification after flood water removal

It's recommend that after flood water removal a dehumidifier is needed to remove water in the air or a little water that could be still trapped in your carpets.  A dehumidifier can prevent further mold growth.

Mold, Mildew and Disinfect

When water is removed from your carpet or floor mold and mildew can occur.  Your floor or carpet would need to be treated with our mold and mildew solution.  We will also disinfect the flooded areas as well.

Flood water removal service, command steemers
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