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Why Nylon carpets are better than Polyester?

Our company had many past clients who owned rental homes. Many homes had polyester carpet, because it's cheaper than nylon. Polyester carpets aren't a good idea for rental homes, why? Polyester carpet attractive oily soils, which can between difficult to clean. That's went you see a black path on the carpet, which is the oily soil. Water and oily don't mix and a solvent is needed along with a carpet pre-conditioner for cleaning. The carpet still won't get as clean as nylon.

Nylon carpets are better than polyester. Opting for nylon carpets is a wise decision for your rental property. It is advisable to use nylon carpets in rental properties to extend the lifespan of your investment. Nylon carpets with stain resistance are ideal if you permit tenants with pets or if our company applies a protector every 2 years. Stain-resistant carpets form a protective barrier that prevents spills from penetrating deep into the carpet fibers, making stain removal easier.

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Dirty polyester carpet

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